Inventory Sniper Ads

Show your actual inventory units to consumers, at the exact time they are searching for your products.

Inventory sniper ads are precision targeted Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads that have double the conversion rate of traditional Pay Per Click advertising. It does so by utilizing your actual inventory feed to dynamically generate keywords and ads for each inventory unit you have in-stock.

Pairs nicely with: SEO & PPC


As your inventory changes, so do your ads and keywords.

Next-Level Remarketing


Traditional Remarketing


Inventory Sniper Ads

Benefits of Inventory Sniper Ads

Lower Cost & Less Waste

Every dollar goes toward advertising your actual in-stock inventory to consumers who showed interest. No dollars are wasted on showing irrelevant ads to just anyone.


Higher Conversion

Traditional remarketing has a conversion rate of about 3.75% on average. Precision Inventory ads convert nearly triple that at 8.48%.

Updates Automatically

The keywords will change automatically based on your in-stock inventory. When an item sells, the keywords associated with it will go away, and when new inventory is added, new keywords will be created… all without having to lift a finger.



Target specific geographic areas and present ads to people in those areas. Gain insights as well on where your customers are located and which areas have the highest density of leads.

Increased Inventory Turns

Precision is the operative word when moving inventory via internet advertising. Higher conversion rates mean more inventory turns.


Industries Served

Marine & Water Sports




Real Estate

Motorcycle & Power Sports




Golf Carts


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